Thursday, June 5, 2014

Infinite Flight now available on Amazon Appstore for Android

We are proud to announce that Infinite Flight is now available on the Amazon Appstore for Android.

We started to receive more requests to release Infinite Flight on the Amazon Appstore since the Kindle Fire tablets are increasingly popular and also not everyone has access to Google Play from their Android device. You can actually install the Amazon Appstore on most Android devices by simply following the instructions here.

This version is identical to the latest Google Play release and was just a minor modification to our existing Android version in order to support Amazon Appstore APIs.

Feel free to let all your Amazon loving friends know that the best Flight Simulator for mobile devices is now available on their favorite devices.


Khalid Elghazali said...
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Khalid Elghazali said...

In my opinion I think the subscription should be like PlayStation plus pay monthly or pay for the year but also receive a free gift at the end of each month

Rites Mac said...

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Anonymous said...

infinite flight use a server from google you only pay for wath you are using and save money

Khalid Elghazali said...

Present what image?

Thomas Lyon said...

nice i like it thanks for sharing this.
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